Theme-based itineraries

The land of the Camín Real de la Mesa can be taken in with one glance. An approachable abyss that looks out onto the northern slopes of the Cantabrian mountains; facing the sea, uneven and upright, a figurehead for the Iberian Peninsula.

The eyes that contemplate our lands from the mountain ranges take in a vast panorama, covered with green velvety pastures and spiky gorse bushes, scored with tracks and routes created by man's steps and the hefty comings and goings of animals over the centuries. In between, endless slopes, heading in all directions, create an unrepeatable mosaic of meadows, combed by the shiny vacas roxas (red cows), who are protected from the wind by ash and hazelnut trees, maples and walnut trees, large areas of chestnut trees protected from up high by the imposing beeches, independent limes and black poplars and breezy birches, who stare in amazement at how the holm oaks climb up the limestone crests, shining in the sun-trapped areas.

Parallel to the rivers, the old tracks head down like snakes along the interfluves, hills and slopes, while the deep valleys open out to the Atlantic winds, becoming wider as they approach the Bay of Biscay.

Man has left his mark by creating a unique landscape in a place that has never looked inwards, but instead opened up routes both to the high plains of Central Spain and the Sea, bringing in settlers and taking other inhabitants far away, beyond the seas and imposing mountains. Just as the valleys provided drainage for water, the paths and roads created a never-ending flow of movement, up and down, thus shaping a region full of material nuances and manifestations, some of which are condensed into our THEME-BASED ITINERARIES.


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