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This legal notice regulates the use of the Services and content that Camín Real de la Mesa, Fiscal Identification Code (CIF) P-3300110-H, provides through the URL, henceforth known as “the website”. Camín Real de la Mesa is a Public Body.


The access and/or use of the website provides the person carrying out this action with the condition of user and implies his/her express, complete and unreserved agreement with each and every one of the orders included in the conditions, warnings and other legal notices contained in these clauses, and, in each case, with the particular conditions that complement, substitute or modify them in any sense in relation to the services and content of the website. As a result, the user and/or client should read this whole document thoroughly when considering using the website, as it could suffer changes.

Camín Real de la Mesa reserves the right to update, change, temporarily suspend, delete or restrict content and the website’s configuration at any time, and that of any links, without having to take any responsibility whatsoever.

The user and/or client is obliged to use these services and content according to the law currently in force and the principles of good faith and general practice, while also not infringing on public order through his/her actions via our website and especially not insulting or attacking fundamental rights and public freedoms recognised constitutionally and by all other types of legislation. Camín Real de la Mesa is not responsible for the inappropriate use of the information and/or services provided through this website, and this is the sole responsibility of the user and/or client that accesses them or uses them incorrectly.


In order to apply that which has been established in the Royal Decree 994/1999 approving the Regulations for Safety Measures applied to Automated Files containing Personal Data Camín Real de la Mesa agrees to apply the compulsory safety measures for information provided by clients and aims to establish all the technical measures within its reach to avoid the loss, incorrect use, alteration, unauthorised access and stealing of the information that the user provides via the website. Without prejudice to the aforementioned issue, the User should be aware that Internet safety measures are not impregnable.


The user will have sole responsibility for his/her use of the website and Camín Real de la Mesa will, in no case, be responsible for the damage that could be caused to the users’ computer systems deriving from the access, use or incorrect use of the web content, the information acquired via the website, computer viruses, operational failures or breaks in the service or transmission.

Camín Real de la Mesa expressly accepts no responsibility for any damage or harm that the user could suffer due to any errors, faults or omissions in the information contained in this webpage. The user exonerates Camín Real de la Mesa from any responsibility related to the reliability, usefulness or false expectations that the webpage could cause while he/she visits the site.


These General Terms and Conditions of Use will be valid under Spanish law. For any questions that could arise in relation to the content of the website and the application and meeting of what is established here, Camín Real de la Mesa and the user will abide by the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the User’s place of residence. If the User’s place of residence is located outside Spanish Territory, Camín Real de la Mesa and the User will abide by the Courts of Asturias, thus renouncing the jurisdiction corresponding to them.

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