Net of Roads

Just over 172km of historical paths line the whole of this county's lands, from the Camín Real de La Mesa itself that comes from Asturica Augusta (modern-day Astorga) and the Vía de la Plata commercial route or the Camín Real de Ventana, along which the Relics of the Holy Ark arrived from Jerusalem via Toledo to be deposited in the Sacred Chamber of Oviedo Cathedral, to the Path of the Bear or Senda del Oso, which travels the so-called Bear Valleys along the tracks of an old coal-transportation train, linking along its way with several roads, paths and routes, all of which have the most culturally varied historically recorded uses. A network that forged the history of the County, a channel that was witness over a period of at least two thousand years to the comings and goings of people and merchandise between Asturias and the plains of Castile, over the passes between the Cantabrian mountains and the Bay of Biscay and along the routes followed by shepherds from Extremadura and the nomadic Vaqueiros de Alzada cow herders of Asturias, both moving around in search of new pastures.

Romans and Visigoths travelled there and fought the inhabitants for this passageway. Then, on two occurrences in the 8th century, they became the routes that witnessed the deaths of the Moorish governor of northern Iberia, Munuza (beaten by King Pelayo in the battle of Val de Olalíes -Valdolayés, Santo Adriano- in 724) and the Umayyad Governor Abd-el-Malik (beaten in the Battle of Lutos -Los Llodos, Grado- by Asturian King Alfonso II The Chaste in 794). The strategic importance of this area, underlined by these events and others like them, would again be decisive during the Spanish Civil War, as a crucial battle for the future of the Northern Front was fought along the fronts of El Escamplero (Las Regueras and Candamo) and the so-called Pasillo de Grado or Grado Corridor.

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